Welcome to Zigzag Explorer! We founded ZigZag Explorer to help you provide educational craft projects that build your child’s developing skills, without going through all the hassle of gathering materials or creating lesson plans!

As mothers we understand, time to do the little parent things can be challenging. When kids are young, taking the time to cut out all the little pieces for them to spend moments assembling one craft project can be exhausting. Managing a family of six and a family of five we understand busy. We want, as much as you do, to spend the majority of our time engaging with our children in a fun educational project rather than spending hours driving from store to store gathering materials.

Our Explorer Stages help you focus on your child’s development and learn world countries.  As a “Baby Bee Explorer” you’ll receive a craft suitcase with the little pieces cut up, so after a long day of providing for your family you can enjoy building a memorable work of art with your child.

Happy Exploring!

Sonal, M.D. and Jenelle