Wash Away Winter Blues Children Activities

With the cold weather setting in, sometimes it is hard to do anything outside. Even the act of bundling up seems too burdensome against the bitter cold. Even board games, puzzles, and movies start getting repetitive. Parents and kids both start getting cabin fever.  To shake up the mundane, listed below are three children activities to wash away winter blues:

Parents watch Saturday morning cartoons with your kids

When was the last time that you actually devoted 30 minutes to seeing what your kids are watching.  Some shows will make you laugh while others will make you look at you kid and go “why.”  Next, introduce you kids to a show that you grew up with.  Hearing their remarks will make you laugh.  You might be surprised with your own reaction!

Play Restaurant

Let you kids play ‘restaurant’.  Here they name their restaurant, create and decorate a menu, and take your order.  They are the owner, host, waiter, and cook of this restaurant.  Make sure items on the menu they have decided are age appropriate to use kitchen appliances.  If you have younger kids, you will probably need to help them out though.  However, dishes don’t have to be complicated.  Maybe their restaurant only serves desert in which bananas peeled and decorated with chocolate chips are the star.

Create a puppet show

With all those unmatched socks, let your kids go wild in decorating them.  Paints, markers, and crayons can produce some wild creatures and people. Next, encourage them to create a story.  Set up two chairs, place a blanket in between and now you have your stage.  Let their imagination run wild.  Record them, and you might have them saying: “if you like the show, click below to give it a thumbs up!”

Enjoy the joys of childhood through you children’s’ eyes!

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